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Muscle Tissue Oxygenator

 This full spectrum stack was designed to provide Explosive Energy+Muscle Strength + muscle building+ Body Power (chi),  long term energy build up (Jing) providing ATP, for energy at the cellular level, during intense  an workout routine. Muscle and brain tissue Oxygenating  nutrients to sustain your body's energy during Extreme fitness or athletic performances. Hormone balancing elements provide the necessary muscle , tendon, strengthening and regeneration. Brain fuel neurotransmitters, nerve force generating agents, provide an intense concentration and focus to heighten your senses, increase reaction response, increase the MIND to MUSCLE link, go beyond the muscular fatigue pain barrier, during a competition (see MIND-POWER stack). Nutrient absorption enhancement through natural enzyme , bile and hydrochloric balancing. The most powerful Naturally occurring hemodialators
(vascular enlargement) nitric oxide (N.O.) to increase blood flow to the brain and muscle tissue, flood them with oxygen, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, glycogen, giving you a full pump during your muscle building workout session . Delayed onset fatigue superchargers so you can lift heavier, get more reps. Red blood cell building, for even more oxygen enhancement. Increased protein synthesis, recover faster amino acid profile. Mood enhancing-feel good components.

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Gecko Rockclimber is a maximum potency tonic formulation perfectly suited to those wishing to increase muscle mass without resorting to drugs or anabolic steroids. It is used by world class athletes in a wide variety of sports, and has been used by world-record holding athletes in a number of sports.Will increase workout strength, power + endurance during any fitness related activity Of course, it is perfectly suited to anyone who wants more muscle,  or participates in athletic or fitness activities, i.e. MMA training, weight training, body building,  etc. Gecko Rockclimber is designed for those wishing to strengthen the skeletal and muscular systems, or for those experiencing weakening and/or withering of muscle and skeletal tissue. As a true Yang tonic, this formula is a perfect tonic to the sexual organs.

Gecko Rockclimber has a very warm, Yang quality, so it may need to be combined with Yin herbs such as American Ginseng, Dendrobium (Healers Tea), He Shou Wu, Gynostemma (either alone or as Spring Dragon Longevity Tea), to help balance one's overall energetics. Perfect for taking to the gym for quick energy boost. Before, during exercise, even after to accelerate recovery and regeneration of muscle tissue. The nutrition in here will help you build a better body, Zap junk food cravings, help you stick to a diet and workout program.

Adaptogen Energizer increases your physical body and mental vitality both quickly and cumulatively. It is a quintessential adaptogenic tonic herbal formulation. Taking advantage of the remarkable Chiangbai Mountain Ant, this formula expands the power of the body to adapt to all the stresses of life and strengthens the immune, muscular + nervous body systems. The full range of adaptogenic herbs in this formula assures improved adaptability and vitality. Ant has more protein than beef, chicken, mutton or turkey + stimulates your digestive juices (enzymes, bile, and hcl) for ultra protein absorption.

Ginseng Nutritive Combination is arguably the greatest classical general three treasures tonic in Chinese herbalism (and in the world). Containing all three treasures, it has a tonifying and balancing effect by nourishing Yin and Yang Essence, building Blood, strengthening the Qi, and stabilizing the spirit (Shen). Stimulates the endocrine (glandular system) for proper production of protein synthesizing hormones ie testosterone, IGF-1, growth hormone, insulin, glucogan. All adding to muscle strength, for intense workout programs.

A "super pill," by definition in Asia is a formulation that "does it all." This is one of several "super pills" offered by Dragon Herbs --- and may well be the ultimate one. Ron Teeguarden's Super Pill No. 1 is a highly concentrated powdered extract of four of the most incredible health promoting herbs in the world. Duanwood Reishi, Gynostemma (standardized to 60% gypenosides), Tibetan Rhodiola, Lycium (also known as Goji, standardized to 40% Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides). Contributing to overall glandular health, to increase muscle building efforts, increase endurance, decrease body fat levels.

Dragon Herbs Goji LBP-40 Capsules Goji LBP-40 is a 100% natural powdered extract of the highest grade Lycium barbarum fruit containing a minimum of 40% LBP (Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides), the optimum extraction ratio for this herb (a higher extraction ratio has been shown to reduce the efficacy of the product). This pure extract maintains all the constituents and activity of fresh goji berries with the added power of full LBP extraction. Goji LBP-40 contains all five known LBPs, carotenoids (zeaxanthin and beta-carotene), flavonoids, a vitamin C precursor that converts to vitamin C once it is absorbed into the blood stream, and is rich in zinc. Goji Berries are literally a superfood and the herb I used in my recovery from cancer surgery, overcoming the side effects of chemo treatments, and giving my weakened body systems the boost I needed to overcome the illness and start a  working routine again, gain some muscle + burn some body fat + get back into shape.

Supreme Protector is the ultimate Chinese protective formulation. It is composed of the three kings of defense in Chinese herbalism: Reishi, Astragalus and Cordyceps. All protect the body and the mind in various ways. Each is a potent immune modulator and all have powerful anti-stress activity. They all have antioxidant action and are highly adaptogenic. In addition, this formula powerfully tonifies all three treasures. The herbs help to protect the liver from toxins and protect the lungs from pollutants. They strengthen the kidneys and fortify the adrenals. Supreme Protector is also an excellent Shen tonic. This is indeed the supreme protector. Stress from work, family, poor diet, eats hard earned muscle tissue in the body by the stimulation of cortisol , the nutrients in this formula work to protect  the strength and size of your muscles throughout your body that you have already earned.

Mountain Ant from the Chiangbai Mountain high altitude forest has traditionally been known as the "Herb of Kings" because it was used by the Emperors of China to increase their potency and fertility. It is a special variety of ant that has profound tonic properties and is very safe for human consumption. It is now extremely popular in the high end Chinese tonic market by connoisseurs of elite tonic herbs. This is a very rare product in America. And it is an extraordinary tonic for those seeking an amazing general tonic. Ant contains more protein than beef, chicken, milk, mutton, or turkey. Plus assimilates much more efficiently hence the need for overall protein intake is diminished. Allowing the liver and kidneys to get some REST and recuperate for your next workout session at the gym.


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