Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bench Press Ranking System, How Do You Rate?

Bench Press Ranking Chart.

Where bodybuilders and powerlifters or hybrids called powerbuilders gather,
the conversation most often turns to a discussion of the bench press. There is
one universal question that seems to pop up with regularity:
"How much can you bench press?"

With regard to this universal question, as it might apply to the "Supine (flat)
Barbell Bench Press" there hasn't always been an exact way to know if you are
fair, good, or excellent at it in ratio to your bodyweight.

That is, until now. I've put together a chart that rates the Bench Press for each
of these categories for a maximum single effort.

These weights are computed for the natural bodybuilder and powerlifter
who elect not to use bench shirts, elbow wraps, or anabolic enhancers.

How did you rank? If you'd like to move up in the ranks I suggest you pick up a
copy of Bench Press Explosion for a measly $7 which includes 18 killer bench press
routines that you can use to attain a superior bench press.

Don't act like you don't care about your bench press. The only people I know
who say they don't like the bench press are people that suck at it or have
an injury so they avoid it.

This report I put together will help you keep your shoulders healthy and have
you benching big weight for a long long time. No more excuses. If you have
ever wanted to improve your bench this is your big chance.

Keep training hard,

Mike Westerdal
P.S. I don't mean to pressure you or anything, but the introductory $7 price is only
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